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High School memories at Cardinal Dougherty
Posted by Trudy (Davitt) Palicki
from Hatboro PA 19040

HI Peggy,  Sorry, I haven't a memory of the Osborne Inn.  Just passing by it as I was in the city.  After spending at least an hour reading all the memories of others staying there, I had to write! (I will read the next ones starting with 121)!

What a tribute to you, Peggy and Frank and all your family for such a warm and inviting place for people to stay! Too bad I never remembered you were there.  If I had, I would have stayed at the Osborne Inn many times!  

I will put your place on the top of my list to stay at next year, God willing I'm still around!  I'm already comitted this summer.  Looking forward to creating "MY Memory" of the Osborne Inn with such a wonderful history of friends, family and forever friends you've made along the way!


God Bless you and your family!


Trudy (Davitt) Palicki



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at 2018-07-05 04:58:25
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Never Forget
Posted by Cindy Allred
from White Hall, MD

This memory is one I will never forget.  This past weekend I came to Osborne Inn and met my boyfriend&rsquos family and ended up meeting another family &ndash the Osbornes.  Peggy Ann and Frank were wonderful hosts and I felt like I was being welcomed into their home.  They have a beautiful family and I am sure she will tell you how they came with young children and have persevered for 45 years and created a true treasure.  This was my first trip to Ocean City, New Jersey and I will hold fast my recollections of the beautiful homes, the great boardwalk, the delicious eateries, and the fantastic beach.  I hope this will be a place I return to often.  I met two wonderful families this past weekend and I pray I continue to create more memories in the future.

Thank you Peggy Ann and Frank for making this past weekend one I will never forget. 

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Relaxing Time
Posted by Joan Clougherty
from Doylestown, PA

Spending time with you, Peggy Ann and Frank, and most of your family sure brightened my days.  Being on the Porch and watching the interplay of personalities was a thumb sketch of how the Osbornes love and care for one another and for their guests.

Thank you for opening your hearts and cheerful home to me.  I see that making people feel welcome is second nature to you and all your family.  

More Memories!
Posted by Connie Blood
from Moorestown, New Jersey

Thank you for your wonderful hospitality.  It was a lucky day for our family when we found our seashore "home away from home" with the Osbornes.  We were all very comfortable and I especially enjoyed evening chats with my brother on the top floor deck-"under the stars".

Your children and grandchildren are dear and are carrying on your tradition of  WELCOME!

We will hope to see you again next summer. 

Connie and Crew


Our Buried Treasure
Posted by Ed & Joanne Davis
from Medford, New Jersey

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We found our buried treasure by chance.  We climbed the steps to the wicker furniture dotted porch and entered the receiving room.  Feeling comfort and quaintness and seeing wooden floors and rails from long past, I knew this was where I wanted to stay.

Our room was lovely, beachy and bright with a deck viewing the ocean.  Most importantly was the feeling of family love and memories.  This is what Peggy Ann and Frank value most and they so warmly share it with their guests.  That's why when we return to Ocean City Osborne Inn will always be our first choice.

Better than being at work
Posted by Tom D'Attilio
from Springfield, Pa

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It's true what they say, 'a bad day at the beach is better than a good day at the office'. Frank reminded me of that saying. July 6, 2017, I had just checked in at Frank and Peggy's charming Osborne's Inn, dropped off my luggage and headed straight for the beach. Returned a few hours later and was met by Frank who asked 'how was the beach?' to which I answered 'cold and windy'. The next day it rained, so I grabbed a David Baldacci novel from their bookcase, layed claim to a corner rocking chair on the porch and spent most of the day lost in the novel and listening to the rain. Enjoyed it so much that I did it again the next several days, even though the weather had cleared. I did manage to spend two very nice days on the beach but will always remember 'my spot' on the porch fondly.  

Summer vacations on OC
Posted by Connie and Bob Neborak
from Waconia, MN

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Wonderful memories in OC vacationing.  When first visiting, we stayed in motels.  Then came a time we stayed at Uncle Paul and Aunt Lillian's home on West which eventually was sold.  We rented from Mario (1 BR sleeps 10) then settled on 3 bedroom entire floor rentals.  Surrey, bikes or seashells in the morning.  Our kids and their cousins playing in the sand building sandcastles and jumping in the waves.  Mack and Manco's Pizza and Rita's Water Ice, Dippin' Dots or Kohr Bros for lunch on the Boardwalk.  Back to the beach for more sun and as dinnertime approached, staggering our return to shower for dinner.  After dinner, up to the boardwalk again for miniature golf, amusement park rides and, of course, dessert - or to Castle Park to race around the playground with a stop at Laura's Fudge for dessert. Now our kids are grown and we have discovered The Osborne Inn - close to the beach and boardwalk - comfortable beds,  reasonably priced, nice hosts and a wonderful front porch.  Bought a wooden sign for my screened porch in MN while on the boardwalk this year 'currently pretending I am at the beach' which I have prominently displayed.  Thanks for all our great vacation memories, OC!

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