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A Big Family
Posted by Dennis Ritz/John Sohier
from Fort Myers Beach, FL

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Imagine finding this big, impressive house as you walk down the street with a big front porch, the kind of house you used to find at the shore.  Then imagine how comfortable the porch is.  Then imagine finding the family at the house - parents, children and grandchildren.  This is Osborne's Inn!  Yes, the house is big, yes, the porch is big and comfortable and the perfect place to spend some down time and yes, you'll run into Frank, Peggy and some of their children and grandchildren.  It's almost like stepping back in time when houses were big and comfortable and family was first, family was friendly and the family welcomed you!  You're not however stepping back in time - it's actually the 21st century and you've disovered Osborne's Inn.  We happened upon this place and instantly like the warm, caring hosts and their family.  Everyone was welcomed and invited to join in all the fun.  We could come and go as we please, we could sit on the porch for hours and watch the world go by or we could walk the boards.  At the end of the day however, we knew we'd be going back to a really neat place where people cared about us - genuinely.  It was such a treat in a crazy world to find a place like this and be invited in to stay with Frank and Peggy!  

Love the shore!
Posted by Peggy Ann Osborne
from Maple Glen, PA

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We can't think of a better place for us to spend the summer than at the corner of 15th & Wesley.  Osborne's Inn and its many guests really makes us smile.

Come join us.

Peggy Ann and Frank

Family Vacation
Posted by Walb Family
from OCNJ Osborne's Inn 2016

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This was our first stay with the Osbornes. Our family really enjoyed our stay. We stayed in apt. T and it was so beautiful and so spacious. I loved sitting outside on the porch for breakfast, and late at night sipping my tea. The Osbornes are very friendly and inviting, family atmosphere. We love OC. :)

A trip down memory lane.
Posted by Bernadette Russell (Madden)

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Thank you Peggy for letting me reminisce.  I've passed by your house many times and am so happy to see what you and your husband have done with your family and with the many guests that come to the shore.  I appreciate your welcoming me so warmly.  May God continue to bless you as you go forward.


(N.B. - Bernadette is the woman from whom we purchased this property back in 1974.  She and her husband (Pat Madden) bought it from the Valiant family, owned it for one year as their plan was to open a racquet ball/tennis facility in Somers Point.  What a pleasure to see her after some 44 years.!!!!)

Fun Fun Fun!!
Posted by CeCe Brower
from Reading, PA

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I like to go on rides.  I love the beach.  I wish I could stay all the time.  I have such a great time with Miss Peggy.  I love you and I love Ocean City.

A Day at the Beach
Posted by Tom Gould
from Warminster

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The sun shines bright in a crystal blue sky

The sand burns my feet so across the beach I fly

Colorful umbrellas line the beach everywhere

Like a garden of mushrooms sprouting up there

Casting circles of shade, a refuge from the sun

For those not wanting sunburn ruining their fun

Children build sand sculptures down by the sea

How very creative their imaginations can be!

Here’s Tommy letting Cindy bury him in the sand

Oh – what a life – perfectly grand!

There are bathers being tossed about by the waves

Some riding boogie boards a good ride they crave!

Mike has found a crab washed up by his feet

 Crowds gather - they all think it’s pretty neat.

 The sun goes down and the day’s stay is done

Families pack up all their things and say,


“This day was fun!”

My Poetic Memory
Posted by Peggy Ann Osborne
from Ambler



When it’s summertime you need to have some fun

So you go to Ocean City to relax and get some sun.

You need accommodations before you’re on your way

But you just don’t want the same old place to stay.


The Osborne’s INN is the place you want to be

It’s only one block from the boardwalk and the sea.

And you couldn’t ask for nicer folks to come and see

For Frank and Peggy Ann will treat you like family.


Whether you just need a place to lay your weary head

Or a cottage with a living room and kitchen instead.

They’re always neat and clean and at a fair price

The beds are comfy, too, which is really nice.


It’s an easy walk to where ever you want to go

For a nice place to eat or to take in a show.

They even have chairs on their porch that rock

If you’d just like to sit in a comfy chair and talk.


And you’ll have no worries while you are there

That’s because Frank and Peggy Ann really do care.

If you need something to drink while you are there

They will gladly offer you soda, wine or a beer.


And when your vacation has reached its last day

They’ll take a picture to remind you of your stay.

And ask you if you’re all had a good time

They’ll even send you a card at Christmas time!!!

Another generation continues the tradition and more memories are made!
Posted by Karen Bamberger
from Lititz, PA

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Our family has been coming here ever since my children were small. Susanne is now 33 and Steven is 36.  The tradition continues as they now have their own children. This trip is special because it is the very first time Susanne's 5 month old baby, Grant, was introduced to the ocean and of course Osborne's Inn. It is a treat to stay with the Osborne's because they always treat us like family and take an interest in our lives. That's not something you find very often. I personally look forward to the chats Peggy Ann and I have. It is one of my many pleasant memories.

Our beach 'traditions' includes riding the waves, building sand castles, staying at the beach all day until the lifeguards leave and the shadows grow long, eating crabcakes and potato spirals at Ikes, going to The Crab Trap and other favorite restaurants, having Kohl's ice cream with chocolate sprinkles, walking the boardwalk, playing miniature golf,  shopping at the beach stores, going on the rides, and most importantly, spending quality time together as a family talking and laughing together. There are stories we retell over and over and never seem to tire of them. The memories bring us smiles, laughter, and strengthen our family bond.

Thank you Peggy Ann and Frank and all of your family for making us feel so welcome and providing a place for us to make treasured memories!!

It's Been a Long time!
Posted by Mother Osborne
from Ocean City

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Pictures speak louder than words.  Hard to believe how far we have come!

It is September 5, 2015 - I think that I FINALLY have the time that I've always longed for to BREATHE, THINK and REFLECT on more than forty two years of being an integral part of what was once known as THE FAIRVIEW and what is now known as OSBORNE'S INN.  Wow - what a run!!!!!

The attached picture is probably one of the first that I took after we bought the property in April, 1974. There were four childen when we bought the Inn.  They were:  Kelley, age four; Kevin, age 3; Colleen, age 19 months and Frank X,  age two months old.  Life, indeed was a whirl and it's been a whirl ever since that time.  What a run it has been!  A run with a lot of FUN!

The picture was taken in Brigantine - one of our first fun trips was to the Brigantine Castle.  We had gone to a local restaurant on the water for lunch.  Megan, our fifth child, who was not even thought about at the time that we bought 'the shore', is the one dressed for winter.  Note her clothing!

What a joy for me to FINALLY appreciate all that has gone from April 1, 1974 to the present.  Frank and I have had a great run AND we are so happy that you are 'there' to share our moments.

Please, if you will, take a moment to share one of your memories of Ocean City and Osborne Inn. It is because of special you, our treasured guests, that we all - Frank, Peggy Ann, Kelley, Kevin, Colleen, Frank X, Megan, Leslie, Brad, Brian, Kerry, Christie, Annie, Maggie, Colin, Grace, Cameron, Molly, Gavin, Ellie, Delaney, James Patrick (JP), Katie, Erin and Ryan are able to enjoy this wonderful place which we call our Ocean City home.  

Thanks for the memories and keep them coming!

With love and smiles to all!

Peggy Ann


Posted by red white blue family
from maple glen

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The Osborne Family honoring our country with the RED, WHITE AND BLUE!  That makes us proud!


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